The Last-Day Apostles: Calling of the Twelve

Author: Jeff Pate

ISBN: 0-9725609-6-3

Paperback 288 pp.

Retail price: $15.95

Publication date: September 2003
Our Lord Jesus Christ said to His disciples:
The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few: Pray ye, therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest. (Matthew 9: 37, 38)

Best selling Mystery/Thriller novelist Jeff Pate crosses over to the Christian Fiction genre with Calling of the Twelve, the first installment of an exciting and revealing new series concerning the Great Harvest: The Last-Day Apostles.

Pastor Roger Ingram has all the Lord's blessings--at least he believes he does. On his way to visit relatives on Thanksgiving Day 1985, Roger's life changes forever. Dead at the hospital after a car accident, Roger's spirit journeys beyond the worldly realm where he experiences fascinating revelations. His journey ends at the Throne of God where he comes before the Lord Himself. Confident and bold of his salvation, Roger quickly experiences the terrifying wrath, and also the incredible mercy and grace of God. He learns that he has been chosen to embark on the most important mission mankind has ever witnessed: to prepare the world for the Great Harvest and Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sent back to earth to wait for the mission to begin, Roger's ministry takes a 180-degree turn, igniting a fire for the truth of the Gospel. Forewarned of future persecution as a result, Roger and his wife Carolyn are commanded by an angel of the Lord to flee their Virginia home to Pilot Mountain, North Carolina where they continue preaching the Truth. Move forward to April 2003: eighteen years after his incredible near-death experience, and just three days after the unexpected death of his wife, Roger is visited by an angel named Boethos. Called Bo, the angel was sent to help the pastor gather the remaining eleven last-day apostles. After being given the new name of Stephen, the spirit-filled pastor and spry angel set out on their mission.

Donning the full armor of God, the missionaries begin in New York and travel across the country facing insurmountable forces of Satan--in both spirit and flesh--that will stop at nothing to destroy God's plan. But Stephen and his growing band of apostles remain steadfast in their mission, despite incredible dangersonly to be delivered from the depths of destruction.

Calling of the Twelve marks the fictional beginning of the end of this age, and the dawning of incredible events to come when the world will witness the omnipotent authority of God. Much like the twelve original disciples, the last-day apostles begin as a band of lost sheep from every conceivable walk of life and generation, but under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, they become the most powerful messengers of God the world has ever seen.

Due to be published in February 2013

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